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Watching Eyes of Spring, Oil 24x30

Watching Eyes of Spring, Oil 24×30

I go to get my annual physical soon. Once again, I will be changing out my art (and the art of my friends) at my doctor’s office. I’m taking this one, Watching Eyes of Spring.

I don’t know what the decor looks like in your doctor’s office, but mine had floral prints that were a little faded and drab. I took the chance that they might like to have some original art gracing the walls and asked the office manager if I could hang some.

I was able to hang freely. (I had had some art at a local hospital as part of group show. This office and that hospital were associated. I guess a precedent was set.) I filled up the walls with my Laughter Project paintings, some abstracts, figures, pet and people portraits and the art of my artist friends. The only restriction was that I couldn’t post the price, so I just put the title, medium, the artist and the contact info.  Every time I go in the gals at the reception desk pass on the good vibes from the waiting room talk.

I even sold a large sunset painting to a patient who said it was really soothing and wanted to have it in his home.

Making the trip to the doctor a little more pleasant…. Jean

Posted by: Jean on August 26, 2014 @ 4:13 pm
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One response to “Dr. Office Art”

  1. Beth says:

    Great idea!
    Hey are you aware of Christmas at Mom’s this year for her 80th? Loved to see you.
    Love, Beth.

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