I Am A Child of God

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I Am A Child of GodA soft impressionistic painting, ‘I Am A Child of God’, has very little detail. It’s more a feeling. Just being.

I’ve had this photo in my box for quite a while waiting to be painted. It’s part of my Jesus Movement collection. I really liked it but it was out of focus and I really didn’t know what to do with it. Or maybe I wasn’t ready to paint it until now.

There’s a song by Jonathan and Melissa Helser with the lyrics, ‘I’m no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God.’ It’s powerful. No Longer Slaves via YouTube

Movement into Painting

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Family 36x48 oil

Family 36×48 oil

I started this painting in a different way – with movement.

Music is going, big canvas, lots of room to move… With pencil in hand the marks were grand swirling gestures. Then I saw the faces. Abstract faces. I sketched them in and kept looking to see what would appear.

I began painting the figure on the left. Still very fluid, finished in one setting. Not my normal anything. This set the tone for the whole painting. Next, the middle face and the hair. Time to look. Last, the final face. A cool monochrome setting it apart from the other two. It is what I envisioned.

I asked an artist friend to help me with a title and if she saw any prophetic meaning. Here’s what she got: “I see heaven and the release of a new season and things never seen before. The courage to step into the unknown. I see the trinity and the things never experienced carried in the persons of heaven. And they move together and release the things they carry that we have not seen yet.  I see war and power on the one on the left. Sort of like the God of the angel armies. Then the middle one is life and birth and creativity. And the blue one innocence and awe, the place of trusting. They are all moving together and stirring up glory.”

Pretty cool! I’m calling it just “Family” to leave room for interpretation.

Make Me a Prophetic Painting

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Mantle of Prophecy, 36x24 oil on canvas

Mantle of Prophecy, 36×24 oil on canvas

So how does that happen? A commissioned prophetic painting?

Here’s what I got from the client: babies, anchors and the color navy. I told this to an artist friend and she just blurted out a big laugh. HaHa! It’s all in the process of problem solving and fluid artful living. I actually find this part challenging and fun. So I prayed for a meaningful prophetic word in image form.

The first artistic thoughts were in numbers; 3 babies and 5 anchors. One baby image that I used for reference had a blanket over her head which inspired the same for the other 2 babies. They represent the mantle of prophecy. Green is the color of life and blessing. Hearing, Speaking and Dreaming are the 3 babies. The baby holding the anchor (blue=heavenly; pulling heaven to earth) represents the office of the prophet which leads to the 5 anchors; the five-fold ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.

The anchors are engaged throughout the painting with each baby. In the life of believers the 5-fold ministry is to help the church to come into maturity in unity. The navy color can mean ‘hidden’ as in spiritual truths that are searched out as we seek to deepen our relationship with God. I wanted to incorporate the sea plants into the theme of prophetic blessing to tie it all together.

There will be further interpretation over time in the life of this painting. I pray it brings hope,  peace, and wonderful dreams to the home where it lives.



Pearls Revisited

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"Claire with Pearls" 20x16 oil on canvas

“Claire with Pearls” 20×16 oil on canvas

I came across this commission piece.

I never met the woman who commissioned this in person. She saw my art, mostly portraits, in a coffee shop in downtown Winston Salem. She called and sent photos and I painted. I also offered a frame option, which I often do. I was intrigued by her response. She already had an antique frame which was why she wanted this size of canvas. I wondered if it was a family heirloom passed down to now preciously hold this new member of the dynasty.

The real story would be so interesting. But until I know it I like my musings about Claire and those pearls.

FB Profiles Around the World

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FBP#7 8x8 oil on linen panel

FBP#7 8×8 oil on linen panel

I find it fascinating to see the images that people choose to represent themselves. Facebook opens up the world in ways we cannot imagine. A glimpse into the lives we had no idea that even ever existed.

As an artist interested in painting the human face and figure facebook is a gold mine. Sometimes I feel a little creepy as I look for the next link in my around the world chain. Now at #7 they are so far removed from my little world, but still so interesting.

The process for me is to look for the next ‘friend’ that has visible friends who also have visible friends, etc. You wouldn’t believe how many actually use the privacy settings! I have to look far ahead to find the ones that will continue my link. I now have fb profile images for 8, 9 & 10. And I will begin looking for the next handful. Just self-interest, and not creepy!

My Art News

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Marta Richardson has just released her first solo CD, Mystic Canticle. You can check out all the news from her release party on facebook. There is a really cool piece of abstract art  by Mariyah Sultan on the CD cover. For years Marta played with Songs of Water.

Marta, 12"x24" oil

Marta, 12×24 oil

So here’s my news…

I painted a portrait of Marta playing her electric violin a few years back. Marta used this image to create the insert which lists the songs and other information for the inside of her new CD, Mystic Canticle, A Meditation. What an honor!Mystic Canticle Mystic Canticle2






I’m sure if you are interested in getting the Mystic Canticle, you can contact Marta on her facebook page.

Dr. Office Art

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Watching Eyes of Spring, Oil 24x30

Watching Eyes of Spring, Oil 24×30

I go to get my annual physical soon. Once again, I will be changing out my art (and the art of my friends) at my doctor’s office. I’m taking this one, Watching Eyes of Spring.

I don’t know what the decor looks like in your doctor’s office, but mine had floral prints that were a little faded and drab. I took the chance that they might like to have some original art gracing the walls and asked the office manager if I could hang some.

I was able to hang freely. (I had had some art at a local hospital as part of group show. This office and that hospital were associated. I guess a precedent was set.) I filled up the walls with my Laughter Project paintings, some abstracts, figures, pet and people portraits and the art of my artist friends. The only restriction was that I couldn’t post the price, so I just put the title, medium, the artist and the contact info.  Every time I go in the gals at the reception desk pass on the good vibes from the waiting room talk.

I even sold a large sunset painting to a patient who said it was really soothing and wanted to have it in his home.

Making the trip to the doctor a little more pleasant…. Jean

Freedom 58 Project

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Avarielle, Freedom 58

Avarielle, Freedom 58 Project

I was honored to participate in the Freedom 58 Project by painting this portrait of Avarielle who was a victim of the sex trade.

Info from Freedom 58 Project

Mission: Using art to give dignity to former slaves and victims of violent oppression and build awareness of the massive problems of human trafficking.

A Call to Artists: We need to identify a substantial amount of portrait artists from around the world who would donate their time to paint former slaves. Our goal is to curate these portraits for a traveling exhibition at museums, events, airports, galleries, libraries, schools and other public venues bringing awareness to the problem of human slavery and other forms of violent oppression to the poor. For more info and to see the initial body of work go here.

Vision: Each art exhibit will contain portraits of 20-100 former slaves or deeply oppressed people and detail their gripping stories to freedom. Our initial goal is to launch the exhibit in partnership with Campus Crusade (CRU) and other Human Rights Agencies at venues and events including CRU Crhistmas Conferences, staff training, and Justice Weeks at universities. As the volume of artwork grows, we will expand to churches, schools, libraries, museums and other appropriate venues.

Get Involved: If you would like to participate or know an artist who would, please email fsland@gmail.com.

Laughter Paintings Video

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http://youtu.be/4ThWriwOrR0 Here’s a YouTube link to a video of all 100 Laughter Project paintings.

Laughter #100

Laughter #100

Yay! The Laughter Project is completed. I posted #100 on June 29th. Since then I put them altogether in a video with some fun music. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

I had hoped this project would change some of my bad habits into good ones. Bad habits: finding excuses NOT to paint, going long periods between painting days. There are more if I want to make time to list them. Procrastination and bad habits are not good for artists. They produce a lack of self-worth which is death to an artist. Making art is risk taking, being vunerable, sharing deep emotions, working until it gets just right. I thought I had to make a huge chunk of time to work or I wouldn’t bother. But now I can take just a moment to sit and paint a background or a nose and feel like I’ve accomplished something.

It’s a good thing.



New Abstracts

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Involved in Gods Glory

Involved in Gods Glory

Hi there!

I am adding several new abstracts to my portfolio. Check out the Abstract & Prophetic portfolio. The new ones are at the top.

Here is one of the latest ones I painted during a worship time at my church. I named it “Involved in God’s Glory”. It reminds me that everywhere we turn we can see God’s involvement in our lives. We are part of God’s family and heirs to His kingdom.

While I was painting this a little girl came up and asked if she could help me. I gave her my pallet knife and lifted her up and she put in the whitish swipe in the center. Later her brother asked, too. He did the purplish swish in the lower left center. Nice work! Isn’t that how God lets us be collaborators in His work?

Don’t be shy, get in there and ask what you can do to be part of the final painting.

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