FB Profiles

Painting Facebook Profiles Around the World

FBP#1 Jean Smith, Winston Salem, NC
FBP#1 Jean Smith, Winston Salem, NC

This is the sequel to The Laughter Project of 100 original oil paintings in 100 weeks.

The first painting will begin at the beginning with me, Jean Smith, the artist. FBP #1

Next painting will be of one of my facebook friends, then the next of one of their friends, creating a chain of friends around the world. Anyway that’s the goal.

All paintings will be 8″x8″ oil on linen panel. They will be for sale for $100 plus S&H. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing your facebook profile.

Enjoy the interesting diversity of the images that people around the world choose to represent themselves on facebook.

Join the LaughterArt Facebook page (the Laughter Project – renamed) and share this with your friends!

Finished paintings will be added to the gallery below:

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