So how does that happen? A commissioned prophetic painting?

Here’s what I got from the client: babies, anchors and the color navy. I told this to an artist friend and she just blurted out a big laugh. HaHa! It’s all in the process of problem solving and fluid artful living. I actually find this part challenging and fun. So I prayed for a meaningful prophetic word in image form.

The first artistic thoughts were in numbers; 3 babies and 5 anchors. One baby image that I used for reference had a blanket over her head which inspired the same for the other 2 babies. They represent the mantle of prophecy. Green is the color of life and blessing. Hearing, Speaking and Dreaming are the 3 babies. The baby holding the anchor (blue=heavenly; pulling heaven to earth) represents the office of the prophet which leads to the 5 anchors; the five-fold ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.

The anchors are engaged throughout the painting with each baby. In the life of believers the 5-fold ministry is to help the church to come into maturity in unity. The navy color can mean ‘hidden’ as in spiritual truths that are searched out as we seek to deepen our relationship with God. I wanted to incorporate the sea plants into the theme of prophetic blessing to tie it all together.

There will be further interpretation over time in the life of this painting. I pray it brings hope,  peace, and wonderful dreams to the home where it lives.