Christmas Morning 2013

I slept in. After getting up EXTRA early to deliver packages before carrying a whole route this week; this was so nice!

So I had a dream:

I was with a gathering of church people at a new get-away cabin that belonged to my pastor and his family. It was so nice and very cozy. Very simple yet innovative in design. Then as I looked out of the window I realized that I had been there before. I had lived on that very property. My youngest son was born there. One of my first thoughts was that it was so much better than when I lived there. As I was fighting feelings that I had been a failure and only managed a scarce, frugal, even poor existence while I lived there, the Lord spoke to me. He said that I had laid the foundation to what was happening there right then… that I should be encouraged to know that what I ‘suffered’ was bearing fruit now.

I’m sure this dream will come to mind at key moments to bring encouragement when I really need it. Thank you, Jesus. Happy Birthday!

Laughter #73

Laughter #73