flying people red ribbon colorful clouds

It’s an amazing thing to dream and imagine. Ideas float around and evolve. I have been thinking about painting flying people for awhile. So I finally painted them in my newest piece, Flying Prayer Meeting (title pending). I painted it over several weeks during the worship time at my church. It also features the scarlet thread of redemption as a substantial red ribbon. For prints of this one, visit my Fine Art America page.

Then there’s Simone, Under the Moon, with her homemade ray-gun. And Samaya holding up a handful of autumn leaves, We Creators. My Dreamer with her royal crown wistfully daydreaming. What about that surfer riding that wild abstract yellow and red wave?

A winter landscape with a girl in a plaid hooded coat. The daisies standing at Attention. That dramatic sky, Darkness Yielding. And lastly the early morning Moonset over the Blue Ridge Mountains in late summer.

Dreams, that’s the name of my solo show at Awake Church in Winston Salem, NC. It’s just 9 pieces of my latest work. The show will be up for all of September and October 2019. If you’re in the area, come by and see it.

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