Involved in Gods Glory

Involved in Gods Glory

Hi there!

I am adding several new abstracts to my portfolio. Check out the Abstract & Prophetic portfolio. The new ones are at the top.

Here is one of the latest ones I painted during a worship time at my church. I named it “Involved in God’s Glory”. It reminds me that everywhere we turn we can see God’s involvement in our lives. We are part of God’s family and heirs to His kingdom.

While I was painting this a little girl came up and asked if she could help me. I gave her my pallet knife and lifted her up and she put in the whitish swipe in the center. Later her brother asked, too. He did the purplish swish in the lower left center. Nice work! Isn’t that how God lets us be collaborators in His work?

Don’t be shy, get in there and ask what you can do to be part of the final painting.