I started this painting in a different way – with movement.

Music is going, big canvas, lots of room to move… With pencil in hand the marks were grand swirling gestures. Then I saw the faces. Abstract faces. I sketched them in and kept looking to see what would appear.

I began painting the figure on the left. Still very fluid, finished in one setting. Not my normal anything. This set the tone for the whole painting. Next, the middle face and the hair. Time to look. Last, the final face. A cool monochrome setting it apart from the other two. It is what I envisioned.

I asked an artist friend to help me with a title and if she saw any prophetic meaning. Here’s what she got: “I see heaven and the release of a new season and things never seen before. The courage to step into the unknown. I see the trinity and the things never experienced carried in the persons of heaven. And they move together and release the things they carry that we have not seen yet.  I see war and power on the one on the left. Sort of like the God of the angel armies. Then the middle one is life and birth and creativity. And the blue one innocence and awe, the place of trusting. They are all moving together and stirring up glory.”

Pretty cool! I’m calling it just “Family” to leave room for interpretation.